New Zealand Is Best Option to Long Term Business Investment and Permanent Residence Visa

New Zealand ranks as 10th most wealthiest and prosperous nation in the world. There are more reasons for you to consider this country as your destination as the best option for long term business and residing permanently. In the competitive and bureaucracy driven regulatory and statutory authority corridors, kiwi nation ranks second in the ease of doing business across all nations around the globe. But besides commercial activities you would be having numerous reasons to choose it as your country of residence.

New Zealand authorities have spent efforts in bringing down the bureaucratic curtains and providing an unrestricted access to the aspiring businessmen to establish business in various countries. Their objective is simple and straight forward, which is driven by economic progress of the nation and developing the country into an economy with a competitive edge.

One thing that can never be avoided is that there are a number of unexplored areas in this country which can be developed and used for the commercial purposes. Currently kiwi nation is excelling in industries like information and communications technology, tourism, film and special effects production, biotechnology, agricultural research and wood-based technology. Authorities are open to any ideas and concepts that can bring immense economic benefit.

The business environment is guided by the principles of stable pro-business policy, simplified taxation and transparent authority regulation. Each investment and business regulatory authority is governed independently and is unbiased and receptive to the new and innovative concepts and proposals. We can really appreciate a complete absence of corruption at every level in this country, which tend to reduce barriers and present prospects for Long Term Business competitive edge to people interested in relocating to NZ.

The competitive policies are set to bring in certain major advantages to the business fraternity in form of

  • Unrestricted capital inflow and outflow
  • Absence of capital gains levies
  • Complete absence of taxation on R&D activities
  • Special tax benefits for forays into Movie production and oil exploration and drilling
  • No import duties on raw materials

The major tax heads as corporate taxes hover as low as 30% and indirect taxes imposed on all products and services are as low as 15%. Besides this there is credit allocating facility on international taxes for new resident investing migrants

One typically unique feature and geographical advantage New Zealand offers is the time zone benefits as the formal working hours cover almost most of globe’s major areas, such as US west coast has after-noon, Asia is passing through main working hours and there is morning in Europe, which is definitely a locational benefit.

For the family also New Zealand has much more to offer for Permanent Residence a competitive and advanced educational set-up, a great ethnic mix for the communal security and level playing ground for all people. It has a great number of other benefits related to climate, connectivity and a sophisticated and westernized lifestyle.